Greetings and welcome to Soundary Spa!

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

Soundarya (Sanskrit word for Beautiful pronounced soun-dar-e-ah) believes that we should always feel we are in a state to  Be Beautiful, Live Beautiful, Breathe Beautiful. Regardless of how you feel right now, the question really is “How do you Want to feel?”

Located in the Embassy Suites Hotel,  West Palm Beach Florida, our spa is dedicated to just that Beautiful. We invite you to allow us to be part of your transformation where your inner beauty will shine brightly and allow your radiance to glow in your new state of Soundarya.

Beautiful “comphy” sheets, beautiful decor, beautiful halotherapy salt room, accompanied by skilled hands that provide an array of services that will leave you in a transformational state so that you can Be Beautiful, Live Beautiful, Breathe Beautiful.

With our mood transformational  Apothecary Body Bar, you are able to customize a service unique to you and the outcome you are seeking to Be Beautiful. In addition, we offer our Halotherapy Salt Room so that you can Breathe Beautiful a  variety of service offerings, packages, and memberships so you are able to Live Beautiful, and Refresh, Rejuvenate and Repeat as often as you would like.

We Pay It Forward

Soundayra Spa is also the proud partner of the Shirley Enrico Foundation for Oncology Support. A 501c3 non for profit that provides wellness services to those who are living with Cancer. Each time you receive a service at Soundarya Spa 10% of the service amount is donated to the Shirley Enrico Foundation for Oncology Support, so that those who are living with Cancer can receive benefits from the services we offer in which many cases they cannot afford with their current financial situations as they try to pay for a cure. At a time in the life of a cancer patient when all they want to do is feel good, feel normal and feel Beautiful, know that when you leave feeling Beautiful you have helped someone on the cancer journey feel Beautiful too.

Yours in Wellness,

Soundayra Management and Staff

Rebecca Enrico

Rebecca Enrico

Founder, LMT, ET, Oncology Certified
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